Director: Ángela Osorio y Santiago Lozano

Production: Gerylee Polanco Uribe, Oscar Ruiz Navia, Ángela Osorio y Santiago Lozano.

Country: Colombia

Language: Spanish

Genre: Drama

Year: 2015

Runtime: 82 min

Cast: Diego Balanta, Inés Granja, Jose Luis Preciado, Carol Hurtado, Jhon Javier Ramos


TURCO, a fisherman from the Colombian Pacific Coast, yearns to return to the land he had to abandon 3 years ago, due to armed conflict, along with his son YOSNER. He lives in the city, trapped in a profound feeling of rootlessness while his son seeks a possible future in it. The father’s illusion of returning is broken with the son’s death. TURCO is confronted by the pain and the powerlessness of his son’s corpse, that has now become one more obstacle to return to his land. While the traditional funeral rites are held, TURCO wanders away and ambulates through the city to do his personal mourning; but time goes by and he has to find a place to bury his son.



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