DirectorAlessandro Angulo

Production: Laberinto Cine y Televisión

Country: Colombia

Language: Spanish

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2012

Runtime: 90 min

Cast: Andrés Parra, Verónica Orozco, Jimmy Vasquez, Felipe Botero, Fabio Rubiano,Víctor Morant, Carolina Acevedo, Katherine Vélez, Rodrigo Candamil, Daniel Rocha


In Sanandresito, a renowned commerce zone in Bogotá, you can find anything: fashion shoes, expensive perfumes, mobile phones, candy and movies. Anything you seek, you will find, as Wilson Tenorio, a spontaneous police officer that works there, can testify. He craves for a promotion in his institution but is not willing to be at pains to do so. Things will change when he’s falsely involved in the murder of Tatiana, a girl from Sanandresito, who is found in the official car driven by Tenorio. The useless agent will need to put into practice what he has “learned” in the police department for the first time in his life: he has to discover the real murderer of Tatiana before he is captured by the police, under Sergeant Fanny—his girlfriend— and before Felix, Tatiana’s boyfriend and a dangerous bodyguard blinded by the pain, finds him and erroneously takes revenge on him. What will happen first?



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