Director: Johnny Hendrix Hinestroza

Production: Johnny Hendrix Hinestroza, Maritza Rincón González

Country: Colombia

Language: Spanish

Genre: Drama

Year: 2012

Runtime: 80 min

Cast: Karent Hinestroza, Esteban Copete , Daniela Mosquera , Sebastián Mosquera , Fabio Restrepo , César Orejuela 


Chocó is a black woman farmer in her mid- twenties, displaced from her land by violence. She carries the weight of her family of three children, of ages nine and younger, and Everlides, her musician husband, who only knows how to play the marimba, drink “guarapo”, and play domino. Forced to struggle to survive, Chocó, works in the mornings on the riverside of the Atrato river looking for gold and in the afternoons washing clothes for other families; but the money she saves in order to pay for her children’s school is spent by Everlides in guarapo and betting in domino. After many sexual and physical abuses and other humiliations on the part of her husband, Chocó decides to give herself in exchange for money to “Paisa”, owner of the neighborhood store, with the excuse to buy a birthday cake for her only son, Jefre, who turns seven that day. Her indiscretion unleashes Everlides’ rage and will change the history of this family.



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