Director: Víctor Gaviria
 Producción: Latin Cinema Group / La Ducha Fría Producciones / A. T. P. P. Producciones / Burn Pictures
Idioma: Español
 Género: Drama
 Año de producción: 2004
 Duración: 105 min
Reparto: Juan Uribe, Alonso Arias, María Isabel Gaviria, Fredy York Monsalve, Ana María Naranjo, Fabio Restrepo, José Rincón

Medellín, Colombia, 1980s, when the drug cartels were at their peak. A middle-class engineer, married and from a good family, Santiago has serious money problems. A childhood friend introduces him to the garage-owning drug lord, Gerardo. Fascinated by the atmosphere of decadent parties, drugs and women, Santiago is caught up in whirlpool of easy money, drug dealers and hired hitmen, a predicament that has led the country to submerge into a war that still persists.